Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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Not so repressed memories

It was Christmas 1981, or thereabouts, and the family sitting room was crammed with grandparents, aunts, uncles and all those I held close to my heart. Being an annoying child I was rather put out that I wasn't getting the required attention that I felt that I deserved. I sang a little, I danced a little, I made a whole lot of noise but all to no avail.
But I didn't give up.
Hell no

Grandparents are always pleased to hear about your academic success, even if it is your sandpit skills, and I knew this was a good way of getting some attention. So I waited for an appropriate lull in the conversation and announced in the largest voice I could muster,


There was a moments silence then the room was engulfed in laughter. Everyone was chortling and slapping their knees and having a merry old time at my expense. Except grandad, who being as deaf as a post, didn't hear my grammatical faux pas. "What did he say granny? He's the what? He's going to Eglish?" There were shouts of "Awh bless him, wee love." And other such remarks. Instead of a warm round of applause and 5 pound notes being squeezed into my hand I was being mocked and justifiably so.

Where is this going I hear you ask?

Well in the spirit of that fine moment I would like to proclaim,


Griffiti Magazine Griffith College Dublin

And yet still no 5 pound notes have been squeezed into my hand!

Expect a full review of our new food and wine menu tomorrow. I've got 5 days of food in my fridge that I must reacquaint myself with now that my body has returned to "normal".


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