Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

I didn't wash today, I may not wash tomorrow either

The greatest thing, well one of the great things, with being off this week is that I don't have to shave, wash, or in any way have to give a hairy monkeys bottom about how I look or even smell.
Ah the freedom!

I need not worry about the sock police, the fingernail inspectors, or any of the
comandantes of (personal) cleanliness.

Instead I get to sit here in my own filth with a beard like Gandalf and watch my fingers turn a lovely golden brown. It's very satisfying.

I only changed my shirt today because I got a whole load of last nights dinner down it. But I'm wearing this one tomorrow and maybe the day after too.

I did an interview for the BBC today, for their food magazine OLIVE. I didn't wash my face, I didn't brush my teeth, hell I didn't even get dressed. Thankfully for the good people at the BBC it was over the phone. My little feature thingy will be in June's edition, I'll probably remind you when it comes out.

If I remember. (Pfft you'll be getting commemorative badges done no doubt-LMM)

I was also contacted about doing a radio interview yesterday for the BBC. But I'm not so sure. The overlords pass the time of day with the radio on. They wouldn't take kindly to me airing my opinions over the airwaves. But still nice to be asked. I haven't said no, I'm ruminating (whilst stroking my beard)


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