Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

What happened next?

It was about 7.45pm and a young woman called me over to her table, she was clutching her bill and looked anxious. Not the "I haven't got enough money" sort of anxious, more the "what the fuck is this?" sort of anxious.
"Yes madam, is everything ok?" I enquired

"Well it's our bill you see."


"Well you implied...."she said implied in a very nasty tone "....that we got side orders with our fish course? But you have charged us for them? Seems like a bit of a con."

There was more than a whiff of a teacher about her, a first year teacher at that.

Now, my question is what did Manuel do next?

But before you rush to answer there are three vital pieces of information that you will need in order to make the right decision.

  1. It was busy, hella-busy, bend over and take it without any love or even a cuddle after sort of busy.
  2. Lucyfer had phoned in sick so I was left to fight the good fight on my own. I say on my own but the Glorious Leader set down his clipboard and helped. Huzzah!
  3. And I had been given some bad news minutes before the shift started so my mood was less than favourable.

Did I.....

A. Check the bill and in a gentle conciliatory voice say "Oh madam I'm sorry I think you have misunderstood me. I was recommending that you get side orders to accompany and compliment your fish dish. Dearie me, you must have thought I was a right scoundrel trying to swizz some extra money out of you lovely ladies. To make up for this little boo-boo I'll take those of the bill for you. "


B. Check the bill and in a firm but fair way explain that side orders are only included were stated and that I was recommending that they get side orders to accompany and compliment their fish dishes. But take nothing off the bill.


C. Refuse to even look at the bill reasoning that I know what it says as I printed it and in a voice verging on the manic say, "Implied? Hold on a moment I never implied a thing? Those fish dishes are not served with any side order so I was asking you if you wanted anything to go with it right? The menus clearly state what each main course is served with and if you didn't want a side order you didn't have to get one. I don't need to con anyone and I find that offensive in the extreme. " And then storm off muttering about a la carte menus and "bloody people who don't know how to order."

And if you cant make up your mind what I did and said I should add that they left me 15p.

a fun time wasn't had by anyone, least of all me
and it wasn't my finest hour