Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

It's more of a buffet today...

by David Shrigley
from the book "Ants have sex in your beer"
Makes me chuckle every time!

by Nick Dewar
via the very luscious
Made in England by Gentlemen

I love these pictures by Nick Dewar. The first one says it all, thank you on the outside fuck you on the inside. Some times it's hard to disguise the "fuck you very much" on the inside as yesterdays post proves. I emailed the artist who created it to ask if it was available as a print, it's not but he's gonna do one for me! How freaking sweet is that? He also completed my 50 questions. Legend!


New Badges

available next week....

I've been awarded "condescending waiter 2008" by Old Knudsen. I'm ever so proud, and my family are just delighted for me. It's taken years of sneering, pouting, pretending to be deaf, but finally it's paid off.

Old Knudsen said,

"To Manuel the waiter for his Blog 'Well Done Fillet' (among others) for being consistently funny when others would have failed and raising the standards for Northern Ireland Blogging. The most Condescending Waiter award of 2008 is yers."

[dabs tear from corner of eye]

what you mean this isn't a proper post?