Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

The Return of the Ebola Virus

Waiter down....

send for back up

headache, sniffles, cough, sweats, shakes

not hangover before you ask

super virus

yes has to be super virus

no ordinary cold can take me down

can only write in short abbreviated style

must save energy

may not make it through the night

is that you Grandad? You want me to come into the light?

oohh look 50,000 hits

go me

perked up a bit

cant write properly

you write

ask me anything you want

except where I work

not telling

have I ever tampered with someone's food etc?

will answer all

must sleep now....

if I don't make it through the night mourn me with loud weeping and gnashing of teeth

and lilies

and sad music

but not "knocking on heavens door"


have a little dog sit on my grave in the rain

and avenge my death

avenge me!!

(back later to answer questions)