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"Manuel is a perfect gentleman..."

Well you wouldn't have expected anything else. Not my words but the words of a fellow waiter Lola (real name I'm sure) who rumbled me (ooh er missus) in The Mourne Seafood Bar on Monday. In case you missed it here is what Lola said in full...
I just want to clear something up here guys, i offered to hug manuel but he declined!! And crept sideways out the door like a crab, excuse the pun!
And regarding the comment made by "belfast plate carrier", all my customers are VIPs, but unless i clone myself, i can't possibly hug them all goodbye, and serve them at the same time (while listening in on their conversations! Come on, we all do it!!)
And the juice/jus for "bendersbetterbrother": Manuel is a perfect gentleman to serve, i say no more! lol

Confirmation indeed that I am a gentleman and that we all listen to your conversations. Lola also got a wee dig back at Ginger's Belfast Plate Carrier who said....

I knew you were talking about Robin even before I clickyed the link. Love the dude to bits even though the last time he was in Ginger I had to tell him off for arm wrestling Micheal McKeegan of Therapy? fame. And i do have to point out you got the love that i provide every customer without the knowledge you'd be writing about it.

Not like MSB


Now in the last 2 days I have eaten in both The Mourne Seafood Bar and Ginger (it's been a rough week - hehehehe) and had lunch in The Spaniard. Let me tell you how I see it. Without question the best service I received during my two days of indulgence was in the The Spaniard, no question.

Friendly, warm, and genuine. It's the sort of service you cant teach. You either have it or you don't. The Spaniard has it. There wasn't any chit chat, there was proper conversation. There wasn't suggestive selling there was proper personal recommendations. I'll go back again for the Martin Millers Gin and Tonic (with cucumber), the best I've had in years. But I'll go back again and again for the service.

The food in Ginger and The Mourne Seafood Bar is amongst the best you will get anywhere let alone in Belfast. But service is my thing, obviously, and it's quite often what I remember most when I leave a restaurant. If the service has been bad, which is very rare anywhere these days, it annoys me more than if the food is bad. When it's great I just wanna ......well I just wanna hug the waiter. I don't though for obvious reasons. I normally just leave a good tip.

Belfast is really blessed with some great restaurants serving some fantastic food.

So before Lola and Belfast Plate Carrier (a name I wish I had thought of) end up dueling at dawn with waiter's friends and service cloths at the ready I will say that the service is equally as good in both place. The food is equally as good in both places. But The Spaniard beats them both for what Manuel cares about most......the love.

And in other news....

I cant thank the people who nominated Well Done Fillet for recognition in the Irish Blog Awards enough. Thank you a thousand times over. I'm touching myself touched. To those who didn't nominate me....soup in your laps you bastards.....Joke. Honest!

I'm nominated for....

Best Blog Post for "The customer that broke this camels back"
Best Food and Drink Blog
Best Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Newcomer
Best Badges
Best Use of the word "Crikey"
Okay I made the last two up but maybe next year....

If I don't win something I'm burning the place down. Just to be nominated is enough for me. Well done to everybody who has been nominated and to those that I nominated.

Also the latest RoundTable is up....