Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

....goes together like a horse and carriage.

Charles Bronson
goes well with everything

Some things just go together, they compliment each other. In some cases they would be nothing if the other wasn't there. I'm looking at you Mr Garfunkel. Would Harold really have so much fun without Maude? Would you really eat chips without ketchup? Would The Beatles have hit the top without Yoko? Okay bad example but you get the point.

Some things just don't work together. Come on lets be honest neither Paul McCartney or Michael Jackson really came out of the whole "Say Say Say" abomination very well. On paper it looked like a good idea, one was the Prince/Peter Pan of pop the other was in the one of the biggest and most successful bands of all time. But when they were put together we didn't get a tune that united the worlds waring factions or even that just took the pain away of our daily drudgery. No, we got shite instead of gold.

Where am I going with this? I have no idea.....

Oh yeah, that's what it was.....fusion or the stuffing together of one cultures food with that of another. Some times it works, sometimes it doesn't. Tex-Mex works. Anglo French also works. You don't see many Austro-Mex restaurants and thankfully the high street is still free of a Vietnamese-Swedish eaterie. Oh the horror. It seems obvious what foods compliment each other, and it follows that it's fairly obvious what foods don't work well together.

So why oh why oh why would you go to a restaurant and order a stir fry dish with a portion of champ on the side AND (it doesn't end there) a portion of chilli sauce to go with it?


Why would you do that?

Why would you do that when the waiter has advised against it? The sharp intake of air that I took could not have been taken as a positive sign. When I said "Yeah....but maybe just a portion of fries." And when you still insisted on ordering the champ I explained that mashed potatoes and noodles don't really go together you replied, "Yeah but I'm strange like that."

Strange? You're not strange, you're a wab. You are a sweaty cheese crusted wab at that. But it wasn't ordering champ and noodles that makes you the wab you are, it was the complaining about it after that makes you the wab. Wab.

Champ good. Noodles good. Champ and noodles together very very bad....

It's times like this when I need a drink and something nice to eat. But can I be arsed to cook and fix myself a drink? No, no I can't. Thankfully other people have solved this food or drink conundrum.....

The Bourbon and Blood

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Charles Bronson. Bourbon on the rocks with a lightly seared piece of seasoned fillet steak. Beautiful......There should be more meat in cocktails. If you want more click...

You can just see how that beauty was created. It was probably late night in a kitchen somewhere, hungry and drunk maybe stoned too. "Hey hey guys....you gotta try this man....meat and booze....yeah!! Just pause Death Wish and try it."

In other news Dennis is hosting this weeks RoundTable.....amusing as always.