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Well Done Fillet

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You get mistaken for strangers by your own friends

It wasn't a bad year for music. Not the greatest but not bad all the same. Some people should have called it quits, I'm looking at you Billy Gorgan, and you Interpol people should have red faces too. Both managed to produce albums so weak they barely registered as music. Both c.d.'s are being used as coasters now. Arcade Fire didn't fail to deliver though with the great Neon Bible and The Kings of Leon managed to produce the album they probably wanted to make 3 years ago, Because of the Times is a gem. Here are the top Ten Albums of the Year. All other lists are wrong....

List Number 3 - Albums of the Year
  1. Boxer - The National. This is just such a great album I struggle to find the words to do it justice. Interpol take note, this what you want to sound like but never ever will. Apartment Story, Mistaken for Strangers and Start a War are just such well crafted songs. Get it done people, get it done. Album of the year for me by a country mile. The rest of the list is in no particular order
  2. Mirrored - Battles. If you haven't heard Atlas then you are missing one of the tunes of the year.
  3. 595 - Karate. Karate split up in 2005 before I got the chance to see then live, which was a huge great big fucking stinker. 595 is a live album and well worth a listen if you like your post rock with a jazzy edge to it, and like me you never got the chance to see them live, I thoroughly recommend this album.
  4. Neon Bible - Arcade Fire. I love this album. Art school rock at it's very best. I refused to buy it when it came out as the rest of the world swooned over it and went all gushy. If the rest of the world loves it it cant be good I reasoned. But for once the rest of the world was indeed right. Favourite track being Intervention.
  5. Sky Blue Sky - Wilco. I'm a rather late convert to Wilco. They are pigeon holed as alt-country/Americana but they are so much more as proved on Sky Blue Sky. Try Either Way and just sit back, beautiful music.....
  6. We Have Control - Alloy Mental. I'm not normally a fan of dance music, but then again this isn't really dance music. It's, as the name implies, mental. It's rock for the rock fans and dance for the dance fans. Mr Shouty Shouty, Martin Corrigan, snarls, bites, and screams his way through track after track of pure caffeine. Gotta Love and God is Green are required listening, especially if you need to beat something. We have Control is the soundtrack for a riot, if a riot needs a soundtrack.....
  7. Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon - Devendra Banhart. On Last.fm Banhart is described as an, "Avant folk singer-song writer" which is enough to put anybody off. But it really is the best description of what he does. This album is another gem. Rose is a particularly sweet little track, all piano and haunting vocals.But for a perfect example of what Mr Banhart does best try the 8 minute long Seahorse......a beard twirling gem....
  8. Because of the Times - Kings of Leon. Ah Leon's boys are all grown up and playing grown up rock n roll. This is the album I wasn't sure they had in them. Less poppy than the albums that preceded it and for once they have produced tunes with more of an edge. Try Charmer as an example.
  9. Grinderman - Grinderman. Nick Cave is the best thing to emanate from Australia, ever. This is a dirty, sleazy, guitar album, low slung guitars at that. If I had to pick a second favourite album of the year then this is it. It appears soaked in hard liquor, and as the result of a 10 day drink, drugs, and Marlboro Red binge. No Pussy Blues, Electric Alice and Honey Bee are well worth a listen.
  10. Marry Me - St. Vincent. Such a sweet and beautiful album. Think Tori Amos mixed with Regina Spektor and you're there. I love this album, it meanders and soars and runs around your brain like a child at play. Try Paris is Burning, Marry Me, and Jesus Saves I spend. Beautiful.....

These are the best albums of 2007. Unless of course I have forgotten something, which is possible but unlikely.

YouTubes of the top ten....
The National
Arcade Fire
Alloy Mental
Devendra Banhart
St. Vincent