Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

Awh look at it's little hands

Artist's impression of a giant hamster at city hall
not the first rodent in there it has to be said.....
If you put a giant hamster wheel in the centre of Belfast you have to expect giant hamsters. It's inevitable. Mark my words they're coming......

More pictures of The Belfast Eye

More Pictures of Hamsters (some big, some small)

It's probably quite sad but this is the greatest thing to happen in Belfast since Spud's introduced the Mousetrap burger in '88. Happy days I can tell you. Belfast is a town of happy go lucky people who will happily pay £6.00 to go round and around in a big wheel for 13 minutes. Hahahahahaha I couldn't even write that with a straight face. Taxi drivers are a good barometer of what the "ordinary man" thinks of the Belfast Eye, "Fucking con if ye ask me. Score a quid to go round in circles? Are you fucking joking? Wha?" He finished off by telling me he was taking his kids next week. Which is what most people will do, slag it off but go all the same.

Not me though, scared of heights. Never gonna happen, and it would be just my luck to be on it when the Giant Fucking Hamsters show up.......

Post Script
I don't want you to get the impression that I am in some way opposed to The Belfast Eye I am not. I'm all for it. I really do like things like this and big needles, and street art and all that stuff that gets taxi drivers all upset. My only worry is the aforementioned Giant Hamsters.