Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

I have always read The Guardian


It's a quality newspaper with a forward thinking and intelligent editorial team, thought provoking and uncompromising journalists, and a well read and attractive readership. And clearly they know a good thing when they see it. [Cough cough] scroll down a bit

So for all the new readers who have arrived here from The Guardian here are some of my favourite stories and advice for restaurant patrons...

  1. First post, Fat Man & Thumb Stubber
  2. Advice, Sending your food back?
  3. More advice, Late Supper eh?
  4. There is sheet in ma water!
  5. Some people talk more than they think
  6. Sometimes even I want to cry...
  7. Obvious? Not to the dining public

Ah there is so much more, but you can find it yourself. Now to delete that post where I may have said something unpleasant about the some of the Guardian's Readership.....