Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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The hours between 3 and 8am are wasted with sleep

The kids...
Manuel, Wayter, and little baby ??

I'm so tired it's not true. I come home from work no later than 12am most nights. Anything after that and I turn in to a pumpkin. A raging, tantrum throwing, pumpkin. But then again you already knew that. Working nights has never been a problem for me, and it's still not. Staying up to 3 or 4 in the morning tweaking my blog babies is starting to have an effect though. I remember a friend saying "Oh watch yourself with that there blog thingy, it's as addictive as heroin." Little did I know that he was right, well to a point. I'm not at the granny robbing stage just yet, and I haven't had to sell the TV to pay this months broadband bill. I may sell it as I never watch it any more.

I left the house today for a total of 35 minutes. I went to the shop and bought microwavable food, tobacco, bottled water, and mints. I never left the Mac since then, apart from going to the toilet and to lock the door after a very disappointed and bored L.M.M went home.

The birth of my third blog child is proving to be more difficult than I first thought. I had opted for the home birth method (own domain) with a different midwife (Wordpress) but blog child number 3 refused to budge from the safety of it's conception chamber (my brain). So in a fit of fury I have had to opt for the painless epidural with gas and air back up that is Blogger. I worry that blog baby number 3 wont love me like a Wordpress blog baby would have. There will be no lovely plugins and widgets for it to play with. But I will love it all the same. I know there are worries that blog baby number 2 is being left alone to play by itself. But it will be fine once I get blog baby number 3 to feed itself and then I will be able to spend more time with it. If anyone has any tips on "reblogging" I would be very grateful.

Wordpress battered my brain and I just gave up. I just wanted to get on with blogging and making nice banners and the fun stuff like that. Plugins, widgets, css, and all that was just all too much like math for my liking. I'm a Blogger blogger and that's the way I'll stay until a bigger blogger shows me what to do.

I'm torn between a number of different names for the 3rd blog child. It will be a "grown up" blog with no swearing or bad photoshopped pictures that will cover the goings on in the Irish Hospitality Industry. My intention is that in time it will be a one stop shop for customers and those who work in the industry. Or it will kill me, whatever comes first.

So help an exhausted father of 2 and a bit blogs and vote for a name from the list in the poll for my new soon to be born blog child number 3. I can't promise I will use it, but I will consider it! If you think of something better leave it in the comments. I'm off to sleep now.......

...or not.