Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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Another lonely Tuesday night

Avon, Manuel, and Stringer
just another night in the crib...

Little Miss Manuel and I were having a little chat the other day about what to do on my next night off. It was a strange conversation, not in what she suggested but how I reacted. Lets play it back. Bear in mind I'm a 34 year old white man from Ireland who works as a waiter and has never released a rap album or wears excessive amounts of gold or God forbid baggy sweat pants.

"Hey honey I was thinking that you are off on Tuesday night and that we should do something."

I grunted a mild form of interest. I really am a prize catch ladies!

She persevered, bless, "We could get an early dinner somewhere then maybe go to the movies. You can pick. Then back to yours for something sweet..." I know what you are thinking I was thinking the same but she followed up with "...or even some nice cheese and crackers."

My response was, and I swear to God this is verbatim...

"Yo hon, it ain't gonna play like that. I ain't leaving the crib on T day for no fricking movies or some shit like that. You feel me?"

As soon as I said it I knew I was a dead man.

"You feel me? Sorry did you say You feel me? and what the fuck is it ain't gonna play like that?"

And before I could apologise and explain myself she hit me with, " Catch a bloody grip to yourself. You can sit in your crib on your bloody own on T day you dick."

And then she whacked me on the head with the movie guide. I really did feel that.

It's not my fault though, well not directly. I've been watching the greatest TV show since well forever, THE WIRE. I've been watching 2 sometimes 3 episodes a night. It really is that good. You cant help yourself get really fully submerged into it. The plots are great, the script better, and the characters fantastic. I know this is nothing new to you Americans out there but I've only discovered it recently thanks to Medbh and the second best thing on TV Charlie Brooker. If you don't believe me, and why would you, then watch a clip from Brooker's Screenburn show were he talks about THE WIRE. Genius.

If you are like me and you can't be mithered looking for it on the Geek Channel then seasons 1 to 3 are available on DVD. You may also be able to get it through other more nefarious means but I really couldn't comment on that.

You feel me dawg?