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Well Done Fillet

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Whine, wine, and eh tea....

If I had a "proper job", as parents and people who work in offices and those who cant handle a career in catering call it, and I was about to enjoy a long bank holiday weekend then I would be filling my fridge and wine rack full of lovely wine. But I don't and I'm not. But if I had and I was these are what I'd be passing the weekend away with...

The Ned Sauvignon Blanc 2006 Marlborough, New Zealand

Alcohol content: 13.5%
Bottle Top: Screwcap (how easy is that at 3 in the morning?!)

Style: Dry

Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Flavours: Fruity, gooseberry, fresh
Price: £7.00 to £10.00
Further info: best website ever...

Now I've mentioned this before but never in a proper post. Man this stuff rocks. It's named after the tallest peak on Marlborough, which is interesting. I've always been a bit of a sucker for the New World wine names, put a bottle called Madfish or Black Stump or something equally upsetting to the French in front of me and I'm on it quick as a flash. It is fresh and zingy and very easy drunk (and who doesn't love an easy drunk). There is a sharpness to it that could wake the dead but without being overbearing. It bursts with a flavour that really does have you reaching for yet another glass if not another bottle. This bottle came second in our last wine tasting at work. Second? Are you sure? Are you smoking crack? I was about the only one who rated it ahead of the Chateau Bauduc. The rest were all a flutter as the Chateau Bauduc is Gordon Ramsay's house wine don't you know. The Ned, get it in til ye as they say on the slopes in New Zealand (or maybe not).

Sierra Cantabria 2003, Spain

Alcohol content: 13.5%
Bottle Top: Actual proper cork, how quaint
Style: Light
Flavours: Soft, light, berry flavours, oak but not too oaky
Price: £8 to £10.00
Further info: Sierra Cantabria

I love this wine too. It's got a nice light flavour of berries and oak, but not that over bearing oak flavour that makes you want to chop down trees and beat members of Greenpeace. If you aren't really a fan of red wine or a girl this is a great wine to start with. Try it with all meats, if you have to eat with your wine, or even with strong flavoured fish. These chaps have been making wine for about 4000 years or something (you sure it's not since 1870 Mr Hyperbole - LMM) so they know what they are doing. I got absolutely smashed out of my mind on it one night with my cousin. Bottle upon bottle was consumed. This led to the usual 2 day hangover with accompanying wailing, moaning, and even some crying but we both agreed that wine was a great way to do it. Unlike most reds this wine leaves your head on the next day. Which is more important than whether you can taste strawberries or not...

So whilst you are all getting smashed to pieces on my wine selections I'll be working my fat ass off and occasionally enjoying my most favourite tipple of choice...


Alcohol content: 0%
Bottle Top: eh cup actually
Style: Dry, very dry, 3 bags per cup, no milk
Grape: Marks and Spencer's extra strong tea-bags
Flavours: Dry, tar like,
Price: 10 to 12p per cup depending on number of bags used
Further info: The Tea Council (Honest Ihaven't made this up)

God I love a cuppa. I mean I really love a cup of tea. Sort
of makes you want to cry for me eh?

Have a good bank holiday weekend, I hope your head's hurt come Monday....