Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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Found one...

"you can be my hero baby..."
El Hijo del Santo chases down Sewageman

Following on from Saturday's lamenting....

Heroes eh?! Your illusions are shattered and you take to your bed praying for an early release from this mortal coil then a Mexican Wrestler in a Mexican Wrestling Mask (what else would it be?) turns up and your world is okay again. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and life is bearable for another while at least. Believe me when I'm up, Im up and when I'm down I'm very fucking down.

But the story of El Hijo del Santo the Mexican Wrestler has perked me up again. And restored my faith in human nature. This unlikely hero has joined with environmental group WILDCOAST to help them promote their campaigns. You see the problem is that people don't listen to men in suits or hippies in hemp trousers and tie dyed shirts. Only a man in Lycra shorts and matching mask can save the world from environmental disaster. He will put an end to the Mexican taste for turtle meat, promote marine protected areas in California, empower people to clean the Tijuana River, and support grey whale conservation in Baja California. And that's just next week.

It's not just turtles and trees...
El Hijo del Santo saves a lady who has lost her cardigan

Now there is someone for the kids to look up to. The world actually needs actual superheroes, men and women in sparkly outfits who get changed in public toilets and phone boxes. In a world of Playstations and x-boxes kids only respond to characters. And anyway who says the voice of a Mexican Wrestler is any less valid than the Governor of somewhereville? And if anyone dares suggest it is just a self publicity stunt I will Tope de Cristo you, which is one of our hero's signature moves and I'm sure it would hurt. So be warned.

El Hijo del Santo saves a man from choking by performing
the Heimlich Maneuver

I salute you El Hijo del Santo!

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(I really must post about waiting tables...)