Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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What a day(dream)!

Yesterdays victorious team

What a fantastic day! Everything, well almost everything, went to plan. There was a problem with breakfast as I couldn't get black pudding, but I wasn't going to let that ruin the day.

From breakfast to bedtime, the whole day was a roller coaster of excitement and exhilaration. The football was really exciting and Manchester United's 3 nil was justified and a fitting end to our season. After the match I made passionate love with Little Miss Manuel. Upon climax I roared "I am man, worship me", and she did.

We showered and changed and indulged in more alpha sex. We looked like stars as we left the house. LMM positively glowed in her sexy red dress and I looked like James Bond in jeans, all be it a slightly shorter James Bond.

We dined on a dozen fresh oysters washed down with champagne. Extravagant I know, but one must live life when one has the opportunity. For main course I had lamb cutlets with apricot and fig compot, crispy aubergine and mint jus. LMM had chicken with stuff. The wine flowed, the food was good, the service was, well it wasn't me. We laughed and loved.

Instead of retiring to a local hostelry for late night beverages we decided to pick up a bottle and head back to my house. Here we picked up from where we had left off earlier, with lots more love making. The night ended as beautifully as it had started. We fell asleep in each other arms in front of the fire.

I thank God, that United won yesterday and that I booked a restaurant during the week and that we didn't stay in all night and have a fry up for dinner and watch Casualty and that LMM didn't go home with a headache, "don't bloody touch me", at 10pm. Because if that had happened on my first Saturday night of this year that would have been a disaster.

Oh and Little Miss "you bloody owe me a night out" Manuel has her blog up and running.