Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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Non-smoking cause irritability

smoking ages the skin (Manuel aged 24)

There are only 9 days left to savor the unique "joy" of having a smoke indoors in a public place. What you going to do? There are no arguments you can put forward with any real conviction or moral rectitude that can possibly win this one. Some battles are lost before they start. The advice, the evidence is all around "Smoking Kills", "Smoking harms you and others around you", and my personal favourite "Smoking causes a slow and painful death". Ouch! My current tobacco even warns me of the danger to my sperm! I know! I know its a shity stinking filthy habit. Its KILLS! Yet I still like a smoke as do lots and lots of others.

I'm not going to mither on about the ban, its upon us and there you go. I was pretty sanguine about it when it was announced but the closer it gets the more I'm turning into a spoilt brat about the whole thing. But, as I say, its coming and I'll just have to suck it up (no pun intended). But I swear to the little baby Jesus the next non-smoking bastard that comes up to me when I'm having a crafty, quiet fag and says in that smug as fuck "we won you lost" sort of way "So what you going to do next month..." and then babbles on about not smelling like an ash tray etc is going to get their teeth smashed in with one of those 1970's style big heavy glass ashtray's. Cunts.

Smug bastards are really getting on my tits. Smokers get real cranky when they cant smoke and it gets elevated when people take the piss. Expect more, much more of this in the next few weeks. Oh and this bull about it protecting the rights of people who work in bars etc is just that, bullshit. Not in my name! And this poster is just desperate...