Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

Waiter Stuff

Excuse me madam, I need to boke


A "girl" came into the restaurant on Monday wearing a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small and a t-shirt that exposed her midriff. The result of this satorial disaster was to force a layer of fat over over the top of her jeans. If you're Little Miss Manuel you can pull this off with absolute ease. If you are Bella Emberg you can't. Simple enough. Now I admit I am carrying an extra pound or two from Christmas (Christmas ten years ago) but thats why I resist the urge to share my "rolls" with the world. You shall never see me in a sleeveless vest thing. You shall never see me, lets be honest. Take this as a warning, we do talk about what you are wearing when you go out for dinner. We will crticise and judge you, awarding and and taking points off as we see fit.

I was clamouring for words to describe this hideousness, whilst fighting the urge to boke, when "Emily" walked past sniggering "muffin top". Nobody bitches about women as well as other women. It's good to learn new words.