Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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Four words that saved my day

Today could have been one of those days that leaves me with a pounding head and a large cloud of gloom above that. It could have been one of those days were I come home and fall out with my girlfriend for no reason at all. One of those "oh my God when will it end" sort of days. All the ingredients where there for it to turn out just like that. It could have been and maybe should have been. But it didn't.

Despite lunch being dull, despite dinner being very very dull, and despite seeing my schedule for next week (which is evil on paper but more of that to follow!) I remained in a very good mood all day. I didn't fight with anyone all day. When the miserable businessmen at lunch didn't tip, I cared not a jot! When the cooker jockeys passed me bad information on the quantity on mussels left I didn't whinge! I just shrugged and carried on.

All because in the middle of a large white board there was a little note meant, I assume, for no one in particular that read "fountains make me pee". And it made me laugh all day long.
Its the simple things eh.

Tomorrow is another day though.