Well Done Fillet

Well Done Fillet

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I blame Gordon Ramsay for everthing that is wrong in the world ever.

Ok maybe not everything.

But definitely for the attitude of chefs. With carry on like this, is it any wonder? Don't get me wrong, chefs have always been a mouthy bunch of gets. But Mr Ramsay, with his mulitude of TV shows, has given them licence to rant and rave and act like well slapped arses. And when you are one of the finest chefs in the world who could argue with you? There is no doubting Ramsay's considerable talent. But I am talking about wee lads who only got into catering on the advice of their schools career counselor. The brick laying classes already being full. And who takes the brunt of this abuse? Not the managers, certinaly not the customers (well not directly), not the other cooker jockeys (you can't sh*t on your own doorstep), but yours truly.

Waiters have to put up with their little temper tantrums. God forbid you have to take something back to the kitchen or even worse you make a mistake. Pans get slammed, eyes are rolled, and microwave doors are slammed ALONG WITH THE SWEARING AND SHOUTING!! Often they gather round the offending plate and take turns in poking it and offering their "educated" opinion; "Its fine" "No problem with it" "the f**ks wrong with that?" and so on.

I am left standing there waiting for one of them to make the obvious decision, to remake it. They get there in the end. If they weren't stoned half the time they could get to the decision quicker. By this point I am usually getting stressed out listening to their ramblings. But I have to compose myself and return to the table with a bogus apology from the chef. Chefs never apologise. NEVER.

I hold Ramsay responsible for turning these chefs into prima dona's. His televised antics have created a new breed of bed wetting chefs who think its ok to fly of the handle at the seemingly smallest thing. It makes my life harder. And I can't be having that! Still he's still less annoying than that puka f**a Jamie Oliver. Chefs are on the list, there is no doubting it.